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tamtrible wrote in worldsharing
Archivists are tall, thin, vaguely humanoid winged reptiles. They are extremely long-lived, and both intellectually gifted and intellectually obsessed. They can be either fantasy or sci fi beings, and might possibly be transdimensional.

Archivists are typically in the neighborhood of 8-9 feet tall, and cadaverously thin, with a typical hunched posture that reduces their apparent height somewhat. They are capable of (limited) flight under their own power, though they are extremely poor fliers. They are primarily fructivorous (fruit-eating), with very sharp teeth for piercing fruit rinds. This gives them a somewhat frightening or demonic appearance, to most human viewers. They are also essentially androgynous, at least to viewers who are not themselves Archivists.

They live for several centuries, quite possibly ten or more, and do not reach maturity for at least a century. They hatch from eggs, and are essentially non-sapient for the first few years of their lives.

As a young Archivist nears maturity, he or she will acquire a specific academic obsession. It might be as broad as "human behavior" or "astronomy", or as specific as "the mating habits of jumping spiders" or "phoneme use in dialects of English". For the next several centuries, the Archivist will go out into the world and study his or her subject as though study was at least as strong of a biological compulsion as food, sleep, or sex. This is also the period during which most mating occurs, as an Archivist happens to find suitable mates. Children are shipped home, and raised by older Archivists. After an Archivist has sufficiently studied his or her subject, he or she will generally return home and write one or more in-depth books on the topic. For this reason, Archivist settlements/cities center around enormous libraries, mostly filled with their own works.

Archivists are fairly protective of their libraries, though they will allow members of other races to research specific subjects, under supervision.

Archivists might be considered a humanoid draconic variant, though they do not breathe fire, hoard treasures, or shapeshift, and for the most part they aren't antisocial at all.

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