World sharing and creature/item bank

Eusocial marsupialoid sapient
To the biologically uninitiated, "eusocial" basically means that you have a colony in which only a few individuals are capable of reproducing; the majority of the population is sterile and will remain so for their entire lives. Extant examples of eusocial organisms include termites, ants, honey bees, and (the only known mammalian example) naked mole rats.

We start with, essentially, the precursor to a marsupial version of a naked mole rat.Collapse )

3-gendered symbiotic species
A biologically plausible, if perhaps a bit evolutionarily unlikely, 3-gendered species where all genders contribute genetically to the offspring
We start back in the mists of time...Collapse )

Archivists are tall, thin, vaguely humanoid winged reptiles. They are extremely long-lived, and both intellectually gifted and intellectually obsessed. They can be either fantasy or sci fi beings, and might possibly be transdimensional.
Cut for LongCollapse )


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